Exploring Montreal made easy by BIXI bike

Spring is right around the corner, which means that biking season is upon us!

People in Montreal love to get around by bike because not only is it great exercise, but it makes traveling the city easier, faster, and ultimately, affordable. To make it even better, we’re lucky to have such an amazing BIXI Montreal program here. It makes biking through the city a seamless experience.

BIXI Montreal is a bike sharing system that allows those who live, work, or are visiting Montreal to bike around the city with ease. It became fully operational back in 2009 and has expanded every year since. Every few blocks throughout the city you’ll find a BIXI stand with multiple bikes you can pick up and use. If you’re only biking for the day, you can buy a 24-hour pass for only $5.00. If you think you’d use BIXI on a more frequent basis, a year membership only costs $87.00! They have lots of different package options, all of which are laid out on their website, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

We can expect to see the BIXI stands back on the streets of Montreal this month, and they’ll be ready to ride in mid-April. The stands will then stay out until mid-November, where at that time they’ll be put away for another winter season. For the 2016 season there will be approximately 5,000 bikes spread out across 460 docking stations in the city, which is pretty incredible!

If you’re looking for a BIXI station around here, check out this map below to find the closest ones to Tour des Canadiens Phase 2: